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why you need a professional

According to John Lannon, author of Technical Writing, good writing gives ideas visibility and authority. Further, he states that:

 “…$75 billion is spent annually in American business and industry on communication, with roughly 60% of the writing produced being inefficient: unclear, misleading, irrelevant, or otherwise wasteful of time and money.”

Many companies believe they are saving money by not hiring a professional writer to handle their communication needs. Without a professional writer in the office, communication efforts are often handled by someone not trained, skilled, or experienced in handling such writing tasks. This can lead to problems such as:

  • Lost productivity as the secretary or other worker turns their efforts from their normal tasks to handle writing assignments.

  • Because they are unfamiliar with the depth and scope of writing a project and what that entails, more time will likely be spent working on the piece than a professional writer would need for the same task.

  • Information that is unlawful or unethical, or which misrepresents the company may be unknowingly produced and distributed. This can result in confusion over a company’s image or goals, and can also lead to legal repercussions, depending on the severity of the errors.

  • Having an employee that is not trained in professional writing produce and distribute news releases can have a negative impact on a business. When media outlets receive releases that appear unprofessional, they may turn a deaf ear to the company and simply ignore future releases from that company.

Communication is the cornerstone of every successful business. Whether effectively handling written communication with customers, clients, or other businesses, it is important for every organization to make thoughtful, wise and informative decisions regarding who should be in charge of their communications. efforts. A businesses reputation, image, and voice depends upon a professionally written image every time.

words matter:

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." – Mark Twain


Professional Writers can create:

  • articles, speeches, scripts, Web pages
  • print ads, media kits, profiles, e-mails
  • advertorials, mission statements, profiles,
  • copy, online ads, news releases, sales letters
  • direct mail, e-books, Web copy, case studies
  • newsletters, books, letters, tutorials
  • grant proposals, educational courses, manuals
  • communication, handbooks, research, presentations
  • reports, media alerts, solutions
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