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Points to Ponder When Hiring a Copywriting, Freelance Writer, or Professional Writing Service

 by Jacqueline Bodnar

Nearly every business in the world has a need for copywriting or the services of a freelance writer at one time or another. Whether writing services are needed for brochures, press releases, sales letters, e-books, or restaurant menus, communication is at the core of every business. In order for businesses to reach their target audience, they need to connect with those consumers through marketing communication. The problem is that businesses excel at what they do but, unless they are a copywriting business or have a professional writer on staff, they rarely excel at doing their own writing.

The good news is that other companies, like Bodnar Ink, excel at providing professional writing services. There are many copywriters out there, eager to do the professional writing for you. The difficulty rests in narrowing down which one to hire. After all, it is imperative that you make a good decision; the work produced for you will become a direct reflection of your company. When someone reads your press release, brochure, or website, they wonít know that a freelance writer or copywriting company wrote that text for you. They will only see your business in that copy. Needless to say, it needs to shine.

So what should you look for, when hiring a copywriter? Start by considering these points:

Professionalism. The copywriter you choose should present a professional look. Take a look at their site. If it looks unprofessional, or they donít even have one, take that as a sign. Their first step should be to make themselves look professional, to enable them to give you an idea of how they will make your company look.

Experience. Granted, there are people every day who throw their pen in the ring and declare that they are going to start a writing career. But that doesnít mean they know what they are doing. You have to decide whether you want to take the gamble and give them a chance with your copy, or go with someone that has proven experience. Take a look at some of the work that the copywriter has created. Even someone without paid experience should have some writing samples to show you, if they are offering writing services.

Dedication to the Craft. What is meant by dedication is whether or not the person you are considering for your writing is really a committed writer. There are many people who are not full-time writers that already hold down full-time jobs and write on the side to make extra money. This does not make for a dedicated professional writer. Hire someone who has made writing their professional career, not a part-time hobby. Why? Because, if it is their career there is more at stake for them to produce great work. Their career depends upon on it. They will meet deadlines, put out good copy, follow up, and work in a timely manner. If someone holds a day job and is going to do your project when they get home from work, they donít have a lot of incentive to produce great work. They are already tired, not dependent upon the income, and aware that, if they miss the deadline, it wonít hurt them because they will be going back to work the next day. They donít have much to lose.

Price. Cost should not be the sole factor upon which you base your decision. Paying expensive rates doesnít mean that you will get great work, nor does paying very small rates equate to poor work. Price will always be a factor in hiring people so that they are within your budget, but you should base your decision on such factors as experience and professionalism, rather than solely on the cost.

Hiring a copywriter is not rocket science. But you do need to put a little thought and investigation into the decision-making process, in order to choose someone that will make your company shine. If their own company looks professional, they are likely to help yours do the same.



Jacqueline Bodnar is a professional writer and the owner for Bodnar Ink, a professional writing service located in the Daytona Beach area. Contact Jacqueline with questions or to request a quote.



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