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How to Write a Press Release

 by Jacqueline Bodnar


If your business is like the majority of businesses in America, you will at some point need a press release, or news release, written. In fact, you should be sending them out on a regular basis. Unless you have a writer or publicist on staff, you may be wondering exactly how to write one. You are not alone! Millions of businesses need press releases each day, yet only a fraction have experience at writing them or know where to start.

The problem is that, unless you have a writer or publicist on staff or available on a contract basis, you shouldn’t be the one writing your press release. While this may raise some eyebrows at first, as many people may feel that ‘anyone’ can write a new release, there are some good reasons for such a statement. Everyone does something well and with professionalism. Your business specializes in offering something; could you imagine if a business that was totally unrelated tried to pull off the work you do?

Offering a release that was not written by a professional could end up being of absolutely no value to your company. While it may not be disastrous for your business, it could make your company appear unprofessional, and there is a good chance that it will not do what you have set out to have it do – which is to generate positive publicity.

A press release serves as a message to the masses, letting them know what’s going on in your business. If you send out a professional press release that really has something to say, it could improve your bottom line. Your business image is at stake, each time you send out a press release. We at Bodnar Ink are dedicated to providing professional press release writing services, as well as press release distribution, designed to attract the attention your business needs, at a rate you can afford.

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Jacqueline Bodnar is a professional writer and the owner for Bodnar Ink, a professional writing service headquartered in the Daytona Beach area, serving the country. Contact Jacqueline with questions or to request a quote.



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