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Frequently asked questions

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If you are like most people you have a few questions about hiring a copywriting firm to work on your project. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions, feel free to contact us if you have one not listed here.

why outsource?

A lot of people wonder if they should really outsource their writing projects, or take other routes. Some businesses think they would be better off hiring a writer to work in-house or having someone do it that already works within the company. While that may seem like an easier thing to do, in the long wrong you may end up spending much more by hiring someone in-house (e.g., salary, benefits, etc.) and by having someone in the office do it your message may suffer. Unless that person is a professional writer you may not get the most bang for your buck! Additionally, outsourcing your writing projects:

  • gives you the ability to have a professional work for you without the high overhead costs of hiring directly
  • allows you to spend your time more efficiently
  • saves you money (maybe we mentioned that already)

outsourcing overseas?

Yes, the truth is you will probably save money by hiring a company in India or another country to do the work. However, keep in mind that in this business you get what you pay for. Those firms are rarely native English speaking writers. Because of this the work you get in return may not be useable or up to your standards. You may spend additional money paying someone to fix it or scrapping it all together to have the work re-written. Plus, keeping the money in America helps keep your fellow citizen employed.

the process?

Not sure how it works? Just let us know the project you want quoted. If you decide to have us do the work sign the proposal and fax it back. We require a 50 percent down payment to start the work. We will complete the work as per the work order and submit the second invoice. You have 14 days to ask for revisions, of which we usually do that are within the scope of the original project.

the rates?

We usually quote by the project, rather than by the word or the hour. Once we know what your project is we can give you an accurate cost proposal. This way you know the full cost of the project, instead of charging an hourly rate and leaving the door open on exactly how much the project will cost you. Contact us today for information and a quote on what we can do for your project!

project ownership?

Once the work is paid for you own all rights to the piece. You can use it as you see fit, put your name on the project, etc.



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